Do we put out Daisy Aimes, mother off three

Donna Moss: Several, their judges spoke in the the sentencing regarding harshness out of what they had so you’re able to demand. Examine aside. Your let me know? got a boyfriend exactly who kept a great kilo within her drawer. She is done 7 ages that will be facing eleven a great deal more. That’s more than rapists and you can kid molestors get. I really don’t find a listing anymore. These are people.

Leo McGarry: I love raising it, if the costs sticks it could destroy you which have philosophy voters and this sets Vinick’s 9-point lead in the financial institution

Chairman Josiah “Jed” Bartlet: . and you can even worse: hop out evaluator impotent! All of our official system is centered on one’s to an excellent reasonable trial. But how personal would be the fact techniques, in the event the an effective 258 package grid seales your fate before you ever before action ft facing a courtroom, a national courtroom, you to my personal work environment have spent significant effort in selecting, who’s up coming restricted away from exercising basic common sense, when you’re twenty-nine year dated prosecutors, who make bones on the win-losses checklist support the merely discretion in the entire program?

Claudia Jean ‘C.J.’ Cregg: There is absolutely no way you happen to be enabling myself leave the doorway, just what can it be our company is starting?

Broker Simon Donovan: As well as the battery pack. In addition to the electricity pump, starter relay, time buckle, the brand new ignition fuse, and, really, plus the motor I guess.

Leo McGarry: You do not get a reply today, ok? I don’t must offer him excessively knucklehead content.

Representative Simon Donovan: [Guides Hogan so you’re able to a far more discover urban area. As he talks, the guy actions her by the arms in the a group] Research this way. Today lookup in that way. Now lookup by doing this. [Converts her to face him] Today check me personally. Just what did you select?

Hogan Cregg: Uh. more right here discover a moms and dad that have two kids. Over right here you will find men in a coat, and i also are unable to think of exactly what else. As well as over right here are the fresh check out counter and there had been many people more there and i cannot contemplate exactly what else.

Broker Simon Donovan: I don’t know possibly. But up to certainly one of all of us renders it store I’m always heading understand where he is.

Bruno Gianelli: I do not worry, however,, Andrew Jackson said, When there is a career that simply cannot be carried out by a beneficial democrat, let’s abolish work.

Deborah Fiderer: Zero, sir. A great patron are jostling Congresswoman Wyatt and Toby made an effort to score your in order to take a step back, and the kid tucked on the ground. And therefore the man’s pal lunged getting Toby.

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: [towards the cellular phone] Leo, tell people pouncy little hairdressers I am gonna push a beneficial loaf out-of bread upwards the butt.

Sam Seaborn: Because there are membership and an order to your sky security order in order to jump from your radar administrator toward commander-in-chief perform forget several of these membership

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: I’m not an enthusiastic economist, however, no, waiting, I am an economist. So, its bundle is going to do just what, C.J.?

President Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet: Men [Santos, Vinick] , let us mention exactly what the audience is speaking of. You may be worried you to I’ll mention I am deploying 150,000 American troops three months till the election and you may instantly their race is about my personal battle.

Sam Seaborn: Once the Chairman usually either scream from the me personally or make fun of at the me. Either way it’s not going to exercise better for my situation.

Bob Engler: [From UFOs] These materials occurs and you will wade unexplained. that you do not think this is something to shot the Chairman?

President Josiah Bartlet: What is going to end up being the next thing you to definitely challenges you, Toby? Which makes all of us go farther and you will work harder? What are whenever smallpox are eradicated, it actually was noticed the latest unmarried most useful humanitarian achievement for the millennium? Definitely we are able to do it again, even as we did throughout the situations where the sight featured into the the fresh new heavens and, having outstretched fingers, we moved the face of God. The following is to help you missing relatives and the ones that are right here now. Thank you.